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If our brains are a grid of neurons, maybe an idea is a particular combinations of neurons turned to “on” at the same time, while the rest of the neurons are “off”. If that’s how it works, then “thinking” would be “a secuence of ideas”. One way to visualise this is to think of a panel with lightbulbs, such that when some of them are “on” (against the rest of the lightbulbs that are “off”) they create one word that people can read. That one word is the idea.

Thinking is a succession of words.

Sometimes our “thinking” is not really thinking; it looks more like remembering. A pattern that was stored is activated by an external event.

The rules of thinking are at least two: “what fires together, wires together”, and “use it or lose it”. The most important is the first. If I hear your name at the same time I see your face, I’ll link both, and next time one (name or face) will activate the other (face or name).




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